What is MUNA?

MUNA simulates the workings of the United Nations Assembly by having teams of senior High School students represent a particular UN country in debates on matters of world political and social concern. Students are given the opportunity to research, develop their debating and public speaking skills and build their self-confidence by presenting on a wide range of contemporary world focussed issues.

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Where and when is MUNA being held?

Once again there will be two D9675 Model United Nations Assemblies this year .

Nan Tien Temple, Berkley on Saturday 16th May 2015

Contact – Marilyn Phillips at

99 on York – (99 York St) Sydney on Sat 23rd / Sun 24th May 2015

Contact – Jenny Connal at

What can we (you) as a Rotary Club do?

Start planning now – it is never too early to start even if May seems a long way off!

The students will need as much time as possible to prepare their presentations to reflect their “adopted” country’s stance.

Contact the Principal at a local High School now to promote the concept, then ask for the name of the Year 11 Co-ordinator for 2015 who in turn will nominate a teacher to enthuse the Year 11 students into forming a two or three student team to represent a particular UN country.

Start now by passing this flyer on to your Youth (New Generations) Committee!

Applications will close 13th March 2015 (for Nan Tien Temple) and 27th Mach for the City event, however – due to the popularity of the venues registrations will be accepted in the order of receipt and may be limited to one per school if numbers require this.