Australian Citizenship Ceremony

The Rotary Club of West Wollongong takes great pleasure in hosting a Citizenship Ceremony each year, to welcome the many new migrants who have made the decision and are now taking the step to become an Australian citizen. Our Rotary Club provides an opportunity to officially welcome new citizens as members of the Australian community through a small gathering at the Centro Restaurant where our meetings are held.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection must approve the recipients, in conjunction with the Wollongong City Council, and a list of their names is forwarded to our Rotary Club at our request. The last step in the journey to become an Australian Citizen is to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge at an Australian Citizenship Ceremony. Once approved the recipients are invited to attend a special Citizenship ceremony to fulfil the requirements under the Australian Citizenship Law of which our Club is one of a number of groups given permission to hold this special event. We invite the Lord Mayor as the official representative of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to preside over the ceremony. During the Ceremony we give the members present and visitors the opportunity to renew their own vows by publically affirming their loyalty to Australia in a way similar to the new citizens. These ceremonies must adhere to the guidelines of the Australian Citizenship Ceremony Code regarding the legal requirements for conducting citizenship and affirmation ceremonies.

The program aims to welcome new citizens in a formal ceremony and extend a hand in friendship at the same time. The Club is keen to increase the delegates’ awareness of their responsibilities as citizens and the values and privileges of being an Australian.

It also enables the Club to introduce the recipients to some of the many inspired programs that Rotary Clubs have adopted. Rotarians are great innovators and are continually finding new programs locally, nationally and internationally to assist and support people less fortunate. The great diversity of programs supported by Rotarians offers challenge and realistic optimism for making a difference in an ever-changing world.

The members of our Club look forward to this unique project and enjoy the opportunity to meet and greet new citizens. We hold this event in February each year. Please feel free to contact the Rotary Club of West Wollongong on if you would like more information on Citizenship or Rotary.